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Created/written by Kevin Roditelli/Rob Cannon
Art/letters by Rob Cannon
Associate Produced by Ashurbanipal, King of the Universe
Published by Happy Tank Comics imprint of Behemoth Comics

Where do I even begin with this wild ride of a final issue for the second volume of Freak Snow? First of all, Berny final gets some closure to what happened to his family – what he did to his family. We see what the influence of drugs has done to Berny’s mind and how that has warped his perceptions of the world and his actions.

The mind-boggling visuals from Rob Cannon bring the world of the frozen tundra to life through Berny’s drug-affected perception. During Berny’s one true moment of clarity, Rob changes style to reflect this. I love the craziness of the art and that the lettering does not stick to the “standard” styles of lettering. Rob thinks outside of the box (and sometimes the panel) to bring us some of the most fun lettering in comics.

Kevin rocks this story so much, concluding this arc about drugs, parental relationships, and second chances – all set in the frozen tundra, post-apocalyptic world of Freak Snow. I absolutely love the way “Revenge is a Drug” is written into a scene and am very excited for the next chapter of the story that gets hinted at in an “after credits” scene.

If you want something wild that breaks the typical mold of comics, this is the book for you! It’s a wild, fun, zany, crazy adventure through the frozen tundra wasteland, that explores the nature of parental relationships, drugs, and of course Berny’s best friends in the SDFP!

Rating 9/10

Freak Snow #4, the final issue of volume 2, is out now!

Please drink Smarg responsibly!

Cover A (JUN211333):

Cover art by Victor Santos

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