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Written by Massimo Rosi
Art by Alex Nieto
Letters by Mattia Gentili
Published by Scout Comics

Max and his mother’s journey through the nightmare of the Great Transformation continues. New York City is now doomed in this biblical apocalypse that turns people into ravenous humanoid-like locusts. A group of survivors offers asylum to Max and his mother, bringing them to safety into an old police station they have converted into a fortress. Their leader is a military veteran – and a convert to religion – named Ford. Will he be a friend or a threat?

This issue really gives a lot of backstory as to who Max is now facing off against for survival. Ford, the leader of a religious survivor group took Max and his mother in early into the locust plague beginning, but something happened leading to Max leaving from their group. Though this backstory slowed the pace of the book somewhat in this issue, this was a necessary part of the storytelling to set up the remainder of the story. Despite this being a flashback-type story, it is still packed with action, twists, and jaw-dropping moments.

The art from Alex Nieto continues to excel and visualizes this gritty post-apocalyptic world so well. The locusts are creepy and disturbing, showing just how much of a threat they are to humanity. The different background color tones/themes are perfectly set to match the story mood and allow for further immersion in the story.

I love this battle sequence!

The interweaving of the religious concepts regarding the locusts with the horrors occurring around them is very well-executed and themed. Rosi’s writing is almost prophetic in nature as some of these themes are discussed in current affairs with regards to the world’s current pandemic. Max’s quest to save a child from sacrifice to appease God and show devotion and earn forgiveness for the impurity of the world shows the motivations behind Max and allows some character growth as he stands resolute against Ford’s plans.

The last several pages are huge, caught me by surprise, and may lead to the shedding of tears. Max is about to have some more tragedy in his life and Rosi takes the chainsaw and stabs it right into our hearts. I was interested from the start for the monsters, but I keep coming back each issue to see Max make it through his trials.

This issue has me questioning who is the bigger threat to humanity: the locusts or Ford and his people?

Rating: 9/10

Locust #3 is now out at comics shops near you!

Cover A (JUN211753):


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