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Written by H.S. Tak
Art by Brent David McKee
Colors by Sebastian Cheng
Letters by Joel Rodriguez
Published by Scout Comics

Dear Citizen, please join us in Heroes Square for our Sixth Launch day. Bid farewell to our Voyager who will cross into deep space on a mission that carries our collective hopes and dreams. Your attendance is encouraged mandatory.

After the great execution of issue 1 and leaving us on a bit of a cliffhanger as to what might happen to the future of Mars if Hellener Drake were to turn down the charge of being the next voyager to search for a viable place for humanity to live in deep space.

Enter Vera Singh, the Voyager selected to fly the Aphelion into deep space and carry humanities hopes and dreams, as the water supply situation on Mars continues to worsen and the citizens continue to struggle. Will Hellener regret not deciding to go and follow in his mother’s footsteps? Will he overcome his fears of space and change his mind? Issue two answers these questions and more as Tak continues to create and build the world of Redshift.

Tak is able to build and flesh out more of Hellener’s character as we see him interact with his little brother and gets tasked one more time by Tiberius to overcome his fears and face the unknown. And Tiberius gets fleshed out more in this issue as we see him begin to investigate why there is such a water shortage and who might be to blame.

McKee’s art continues to build the dusty world of Mars and the stars that surround it in the sky as we explore the intricacies of the planet and the desperate need for a Voyager to succeed in their search amongst the stars. As may be the case with previous Voyagers, this is a sci-fi world to get lost in for the reader as well. I’m enjoying the details built into the community on Mars, even having their own Chinatown District! There are serious consequences coming to the inhabitants of Mars should Tiberius not be able to solve what is occurring, but it is such an enjoyable world to get to explore.

If you’re a fan of a good sci-fi space civilization story like The Expanse, you’ll definitely want to be reading Redshift!

Rating 9/10

Redshift #2 is in shops 9/8/2021!

Cover A (JUN211756):


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