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Written by Rob MacKinnon
Art by Luca Casalanguida
Colors by Natalia Nesterenko
Letters by Joel Rodriguez
Published by Scout Comics

Connor O’Sullivan is a hapless limo driver on the run from the Triads. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take over his dead customer’s shady business. However, for a poor Irish immigrant trying to provide a better life for his girlfriend, it seemed too good to pass up. After some initial success, Connor thinks this is his ticket to living the American Dream, but he’s just been dancing with the dragon!

With the opportunity of a lifetime to make a lot of money falls into his lap, Connor makes the decision to mess with some very powerful people to make some money and help himself and his girlfriend, Blythe.

The flow and interweaving of the story are masterfully executed as MacKinnon introduces us to Connor and the time right before and not long after he decides to take over his dead customer’s shady business. I absolutely loved the action sequences occurring in this first issue and the way Casalanguida creates the suspenseful situations as Connor tries to outrun the Triad.

Connor’s nonchalant dialog between himself and the shady businessman in the limo is perfect to set the tone of his character. Despite being in a financially unstable situation, he is pretty unbothered by the odd and sketchy events unfolding around him as he drives the businessman around – events that could get him into trouble, or possibly help fix his money problems.

Definition of blithe 1: lacking due thought or consideration 2: of a happy lighthearted character or disposition

– Merriam-Webster

The appropriately named Blythe is happy to just be living in American with Connor and does not seem bothered by either the financial situation or the questionable opportunity that lands in front of Connor. Though seeming to be that happy and lighthearted character there are hints that more is hiding beneath the surface of who she is.

The lettering done by Joel Rodriguez is perfectly executed in both the speech bubbles and the action sounds found throughout the chase scenes. This was a lot of fun to read and had me engrossed in both the plot and the success of Connor as a now shady businessman himself.

If you’re a fan of action, stories involving the Triad (which pops up in so many places it seems), or finding the American dream a little bit differently, then this is one for you!

Rating: 9/10

Dancing with the Dragon #1 will be on shelves 9/8/2021! This is the first issue of a 4 issue miniseries.

Cover A (JUN211749):

Cover B 10 Copy Incentive (JUN211750):


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