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Written by Charles Holland
Art by Antonio Fuso
Colors by Stefano Simeone
Letters and Design by Robbie Robbins
Published by Clover Press

Cassidy Crawford, a prominent defense attorney, has a secret. But her world is not like ours. In her world a comet crashed to Earth bringing with it John Doe AKA Airstrike, who is the world’s most powerful superhero. Along with that, he brought an ultra virus that grants a select few the Z chromosome that gives super powers. Cassidy works specifically with those that have these powers, protecting them from those that seek to cage or control them.

Described as Suits meets the world of The Boys, I was sold on the premise immediately. And this book delivers so much on this premise. In a world where oppression and prejudices already exist, how do these get applied to the powered also? Will they get treated like celebrities or monsters?

What are we telling Black men in this country? They already know they can be gunned down by the police on a whim. Are we now saying they can’t scream when they’re shot?!

Cassidy Crawford

Holland, Head Writer and Executive Producer of the Black Lightning TV show, crafts a story that keeps you wondering about the history between Cassidy and Airstrike, and wanting more from this world of super powered individuals and intrigue.

The art sets the tone of the impending mystery surrounding a death of someone prominent at the White House. Fuso’s exquisite line work and Simeone’s brilliant colors create an environment for Holland’s layered and intricate storytelling to thrive and build the world.

This is a high quality story from Clover Press that will leave you flying through the pages to see what happens next. I know I can’t wait for issue 2 already! I’m glad I gave this book a shot as I had not had much experience with books from Clover Press. I will be back to check out more of the Clover Press catalog now!

Rating: 9/10

Issue 1 of Cassidy’s Secret is out now at your comic shop or here from Clover Press:

Cover A:

Cover B:

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