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Written by Hannu Kesola
Art by Mohammad Ramlan and Marcelo Salaza
Colors by Beth Varni
Letters by Jerome Gagnon and Brando Destefano
Published by Second Sight Publishing

I’m going to preface this review with the fact that this genre is not usually my cup of tea. I do like action stories, but I don’t often go for a story about cartels and rival gangs. That being said, Blood, Skills, and Chrome was a perfect way to get me interested in the genre!

If the title doesn’t tell you enough, you should be expecting gore and motorcycles in this story. With any gang rivalry, there will be tons of drama – within the gang and between gangs. In this first issue of the series we get introduced to our cast and the largest problem at hand. The Steel Knights lost a deal with a drug cartel to rival gang The Lake Street Boyz. To retaliate, two members of the Steel Knights get revenge without the input from the full gang.

Kesola’s splendid use of the build up of suspense and tension from these actions drives the plot forward as they work to figure out what steps should be taken next to keep the Steel Knights Motorcycle Club alive and out of scrutiny by the cops or worse, destroyed by The Lake Street Boyz.

The art is dark and gritty when needed, but also brighter and more refined and detailed surrounding the daytime events. Overall, this was a very enjoyable first dip into the world of biker gangs, drug cartels and the drama and decisions that hold them together or tear them apart.

Rating: 8/10

Blood, Skulls, and Chrome #1 and #2 are out now! Issue #3 is on final order cutoff 9/6/21!

Cover A:

Cover B (1:5 Ratio):


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