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The Horn Island Trilogy One-Shot

Written by Marcus Roberts

Pencils by Daniel Gorman

Inks by Shaun Barbour

Published by Second Sight Publishing

This 3-part one-shot is a zombie story of epic proportions. Generations of the Johnstone family have been cursed due to not heeding the warnings and after pissing off the wrong witch. We first see Horn Island back in the days of the confederacy, with them looking to settle this large island. Things do not go as planned…

Part one gives the reader some action packed zombie gore and a vengeful witch that sets the tone for parts two and three of the story.

Part two takes place in present time with Mississippi being overrun by hordes of zombies. With a wall built around the entire state, survivors look towards Horn Island as a possible staging ground for survivors and a way to retake their state. Enter Paul Johnstone – of the cursed line of Johnstones. He knows more about the island than he lets on and chaos reigns as we explore the depths of his character and the despair of the people trapped by a wall on one side and with nowhere to escape to on the other.

As we head into part three we see what wickedness caused the witch to become who she is today. Who was the witch before and why does she despise the Johnstone family line?! The mystery is answered and explored in this final part of the story.

The black and white art sets the tone of the story and graphically depicts the horrors of the zombies, the witch, and what occurs to the humans fighting against them all. The story is threaded well between the different time periods, establishing the witch’s vendetta and why you just might be rooting for her.

The only downside to this story is that I wanted so much more from each time period! The epic that could be woven from each time period as the characters get more time to be fleshed out would be amazing.

Rating: 9/10

Be sure to check out The Horn Island Trilogy from Second Sight Publishing when it releases September 29th! Let your shop know that you want this book using the codes below!

Cover A Sefano Cardoselli: JUL211928

Cover B Daniel Gorman: JUL211929


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