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Written by Matthew Erman
Art by Stefano Simeone
Letters by Mike Fiorentino
Cover A by Mike Fiorentino
Published by Boom! Studios

We aren’t the heroes of the story. We are the stories. And we’re lucky to be alive at all.

– Hilde, Good Luck #3, written by matthew erman

Holy plot twist batman!

With The Unfortunates seemingly down and out, Dr. Dianne Diaphanous has been pushed out of the mission to fix the Kismet zone established from the Gods of Good and Back luck butting heads.

Where else can humanity look, but other gods of luck. The new management wants the Kismet core to weaponize luck and take down these other potential havoc wreakers and create additional Kismet zones! The new management has some crazy ideas…

And what has happened to our team of Unfortunates? Are they done or do they have a second wind? And who the hell is Joseph Testpilot?! I finally get some wish fulfillment here with learning Mr. Testpilot’s true identity and you don’t want to miss this! This reveal may just change everything and shed a new light on why he was a part of The Unfortunates to begin with!

This beautifully crafted world is ever expanding and bringing us closer to the answers we all want to know: can these Gods of Luck be stopped? Do we want to stop them? And how does one accomplish this?

Stay on this incredible ride through the good luck and the bad luck, and see what happens when you push those without luck to the brink of eternal suffering. Stefano Simeone’s art excels in depicting a world that could only come from the mind of Matthew Erman and characters with whom we all can identify.

Be ready to ask yourself just one question: Do I feel lucky(, punk)?

Rating: 9/10

Good Luck issue 3 came out 8/25/2021!

Cover A (Jorge Corona):


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