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Written by Massimo Rosi
Art by Ludovica Ceragatti
Publish by Scout Comics

This is such an important story. A story about anxiety, depression, and other mental illness. How might these manifest if someone wanted to weaponize them and let the mental illnesses power these dark weapons?

Four teenagers from the St. Abigail Asylum had these dark powers awoken in them and must battle against this darkness inside of them or feed into and succumb to it. The second one, Carl, is introduced in this issue and he’s in for quite a shock.

Together, Massimo and Ludovica do a masterful job of depicting the horrific manifestation of anxiety as the vicious voices in your head saying that you’re not good enough and depression as the darkness telling you to end it, that you’re alone, and that nobody wants you.

We are that little voice, begging, hoping that today will never end. Why? Because you fear that tomorrow will come — and that it will be just as horrible as today.


If you are a person with a mental illness, you may feel a connection to this book as parts of it resonate and speak too true. Seeing it depicted in such a way is awe-inspiring and gives hope to those in the dark.

If psychological and supernatural horror is what you want, go pick up Broken Souls Ballad!

Rating: 9/10

Broken Souls Ballad is in shops August 25th!

Cover A: JUN211745


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