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Written by Matt Mair Lowery and Cassie Anderson
Art by Cassie Anderson
Published by Scout Comics

Are you ready for an emotional roller coaster? Because. Here. We. Go.

Cleo is just an ordinary girl with ordinary anxiety about presenting in front of the class. Her dad, Alex is just an ordinary dad that loves his daughter.

The aliens were not so ordinary.

A slave captured and forced to work for them. Forced to fight for them. A lost soul.

When the battle comes to Earth, and innocent lives are being taken, what will the alien slave do? What will the death and destruction bring to our ordinary daughter-dad duo?

The narrative twists and turns kept me flipping to the next page as fast as possible to keep the action going. Prepare for Matt and Cassie to take your heart and stab it gently, before giving you a hug and saying, “Keeping reading Earthling, all will be okay.”

Editors note: What did I just write?

If you’re looking for a sci-fi, alien-filled story that will test the ties that bind a father and daughter together, then look no farther than Lifeformed! I could not picture the depiction of these aliens, their spacecraft and the world around them to be done any different as the line art is stunningly solid and the colors show how unique the aliens are to us.

Rating: 9/10 – Read it!!

Get Lifeformed #1 in shops August 25th!

Cover A JUN211752


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