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Written by Mike Barry
Art by Mike Barry
Published by Scoot!, a Scout Comics imprint
This is also a NON-STOP! title (rest of story collected in trade form)

Come along for a space adventure like no other! A boy wakes up on Pluto and just wants to get home to his mom’s spaghetti carbonara. With the help of a quattricorn (that’s a unicorn with 4 horns!!), our space cadet discovers how to get home.

This cadet will need bravery, heart, and a lot of desire to get home to that spaghetti carbonara! This story is perfect for young readers and a great way to get your kids into comics! The art is beautiful and utilizes some stunning colors. With some well-place letters and layouts, this is sure to wow the young and the young-at-heart.

So strap in because this astro action cadet is in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Rating: 10/10 for kids! 8/10 for adults!

Action Tank #1 in shops 8/25/2021!

Cover A: JUN211762


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